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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Randomness

Woops, I haven't updated in a while!

Here are two things I made for father's day. My dad asked me to draw a little something for a golf charity event for Autism that my dad helped raise money for! One of their sponsors makes lion head covers for golf clubs, so that explains this drawing.

And he loves Recognizers from Tron, so I surprised him with a little oil painting. :)

Here is a practice painting for an oil painting a friend of mine is commissioning me for. Just spent like an hour on it so I could figure out how I'm gonna paint the real thing! haha

I've been trying to draw at starbucks a few times a week!

I haven't been able to figure draw very much this summer though :/

And a random speed painting using reference (that wasn't done very fast...) haha


  1. That's awesome your dad does that, my son is autistic! I love the wolf on the ridge!

  2. i love drawing ppl at starbucks they are good subjects